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Mettler Toledo Thornton    Bedford, MA Total Organic Carbon    Measurement WHITE Portable, Real-tIme, Continuous The 450TOC Total Organic Carbon analyzer offers the fastest response to TOC changes available in a transportable TOC system.  Mettler Toledo called on Inov8 for development of a cost-effective, ergonomically practical, rugged enclosure. The 450TOC’s robust, portable design makes it an ideal tool for multi-point TOC measurement, point-of-use monitoring, water system diagnostics, and maintenance verification. Design requirements included IP64 sealing, shock-protected component mounting, simplified service access, water-proof USB ports, user-friendly keypad, and an optional, non-skid rubber protective base.  Intelligent, robust structure and thoughtful ergonomics assure that the 450TOC is ready for rugged duty in the real world.